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Whoopedu is an edTech startup in a form of a single mobile application whose main goal is to gamify education and in this way increase learning interest and educational results of kids up to 8 years old. In the center of the application stands “Whoopy” an alien from moon who came to earth in a quest of finding knowledge and friendship. Kids will from the very beginning develop emotional connection with our character by maintaining his good mood and positive reaction by satisfying his basic 5 needs which are: “hygiene” , “diet” , “clothing” and two most important ones ”science“ and “social skills & creativity”. Main purpose of the said needs is to educate kids, this is why kids will through “hygiene” not only maintain Whoopy but also learn how to wash teeth, how to properly shower on their own and how to keep their room clean, through “diet” they will feed “Whoopy” but will also learn about food pyramid, calories etc., through “clothing” they will be able to customize our character and use him as such in all of the other games which will broaden emotional and personal connection. Last but not least two categories: “science” and “social skills & creativity” combinedly contain a set of 16(+) educational games specially created and designed following the school curriculum and in coordination with parents, kindergarten personnel and teachers with goal of educating kids in fields such as math, language, logic but also creativity and interpersonal skills.

Game is full of audio material which will make Whoopy more real but also help kids with their progress and learning.

Content is currently in BHS and English language but also in Arabic, Urdu etc. as we are also tackling a problem of education of kids with refugee/migrant background who are still in transit and don’t have access to proper education and are desperate for source of learning but also fun.

Application will in the future be available in as much languages as possible.



Abdulmelik Pehlić

CEO & iOS Developer

Eldin Odobašić

Designer & Animator

Abdulmedžid Pehlić

Android developer

Davud Kosovac


Armin Fehrić

Web Developer

Enver Bakija

Full-stack Developer

Meldin Šljivić

Video editor

Lamija Palalija


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You can download our apps from Google Play and App Store for free.